Outage Alert 8-21-18

We have discovered that one of our clients was sending spam through the relay - this account has been terminated. Unfortunately, this client's spam has blacklisted the relay server with Apple's mail service. Emails to @mac.com, @me.com, and @icloud.com will not go through until the blacklist entry is removed. We have already submitted the ticket to have this blacklist entry removed.

Outage Alert 5-17-18

Our datacenter has alerted us to an outage in our area - technicians have been working on this issue for several hours this morning.

The service is currently online but may be running in a degraded state while our datacenter engineers work to resolve this issue. We will update once the issue is fully resolved. Thank you for choosing RfX Hosting!

First Service Disruption 2-19-18

Well Folks, we've been online for a few months now and we've just had our first outage.  Our host had a failure with one of their switches - thanks to all the folks who sent error logs to admin@rfxhosting.net - this information helped us find which switch was down and recify the issue.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve performance!

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